Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Fierce Ballet Flats

When it comes to ballet flats, I try to steer away from the classic round-toe shoes; I think it shortens the length of the foot.  There are exceptions, though, such as the Salvatore Ferragamo Vara and Varina, or the Cole Haan Air Monica ($168), which I had to have in rose gold!  Otherwise, my favorite ballet flats are the almond-toe versions as I find the shape to be more of my style.

So when I saw these beautiful Rock & Republic felines sparkling on black suede with an almond-toe ($59.99), I was instantly scrambling the shelves in search of my size 6.5.  Yes, I wanted them that badly, and was afraid my size would be sold out.  The closest to my size that was available was a size 7.  I also went online to see if they had size 6.5 available, or if they even offered these in half sizes.  Apparently, this particular shoe only comes in whole sizes, but R&R does make half sizes for their other styles.  Size 7 was not too loose, although it would have flew off if I had kicked my feet in the air. Nevertheless, I bought them in a heartbeat.

These shoes are quite the looker, don't you think?  They have been my daily flats in and out of the office, including running errands about town, and prove to be very comfortable!  However, I have trouble determining if these felines are cheetahs, jaguars, or leopards...

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