Monday, March 31, 2014

Miranda Kerr for Royal Albert

One of my most anticipated launches this Spring is Royal Albert's collaboration of chinaware with Australian model, Miranda Kerr.

Coming Spring 2014

Why?  Besides the lovely Ms. Kerr, this collection of teaware features peonies and butterflies!  Two of my favorite natural beauties, to be depicted on fine bone china - what's not to love?  Anyone who knows me knows that I love afternoon tea!  Afterall, teatime is my favorite pastime...
There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.
~ Henry James, The Portrait of a Lady
Tea with Miranda

I  am rather choosy with my china patterns.  The design must be trimmed in gold and must show an opulence of pink florals; roses are all right, but peonies are my favorite flowers in the world.  With fluttering butterflies scattered about is an added bonus!  Until now, the only other collection I know to have incorporated these design aspects was Charnwood by Wedgewood (1951 - 1987).  Even though Royal Albert and Wedgewood are two separate companies, I feel as though Charnwood is being reincarnated for the modern porcelain princess - and that, makes them must haves for me!  Sneak peak at Miranda Kerr for Royal Albert collection:

Cannot wait!  I will need a bigger tea cabinet!

According to @royalalbertaus on Instagram, Miranda Kerr for Royal Albert is said to launch in May.  You can sign up on Royal Albert's official website to be kept in the loop:

Photo credits: Royal Albert

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