Monday, May 12, 2014

Ralph Lauren Pet Polo

If you do not know or have not noticed already, I have a pet cat.  He is a seven-year-old American Short-Hair tabby, adopted from a ranch ("Don't breed or buy while other animals die!") - chosen from the litter by my mum for his white neck, paws, and feet!  I named him Maki for to the M-shape on his forehead and his mackerel tabby coat.

Words cannot describe how much I adore him or what he means to me.  I believe WE are the lucky ones to have him, although I must admit he lives a pretty good and spoiled life: Fancy Feast Medley canned food, strictly filtered water, unlimited supply of Greenies - his favorite treat, daily massages, a queen-sized W Hotel pillow-top bed, and unconditional love from the family!  I also believe that Maki, or animals and pets in general, deserve the very best.  Pets enrich people's lives and should be for life!

So besides food, treats, toys, good litter, what else do I get my precious Maki?  Fashionable clothing and accessories, of course!  He has bow ties, t-shirts, and costumes, but the most recent item I purchased for him: a Ralph Lauren Big Pony Pet Polo Shirt!

Always remember to gift box purchases from RL!

Yes, it is personalized with embroidery ... Yes, he is wearing pink ... and
Yes, he is too ADORABLE in this Ralph Lauren Big Pony polo shirt (not only for dogs)!

Maki is wearing RL's pet polo in Bright Neon Pink in size medium,
embroidery color and font is Oasis Green and Legacy, respectively.

The perfect model CATizen!
You Have My Whole Heart
For My Whole Life

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