Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Touch of Grandma Forever

I  had a necklace made as a memorabilia of my grandma who had passed away a little over two months ago.  The keepsake is a heart pendant necklace cast from an impression of her fingerprint and solidified in solid 14K yellow gold.  What makes the jewelry even more special is the custom engraving and the blue zircon birthstone - not only did we share the same birth month, we had the same birth date.
I   waited nearly two months for this necklace, but when it arrived, Teresa Chan, Arrangement Director at Cypress Lawn, was so kind in delivering it herself to my work!  Before I placed the order via the Precious Memories brochure, I searched online for images or samples of this necklace that perhaps other people have made, but unfortunately, there was not much to reference except the company website.  Lucky, the $964 necklace turned out better than expected!  It is much shinier in person and the detail of the fingerprint is very pronounced.  I had felt that my previous post about my Por Por's passing was incomplete until this necklace arrived.  Now, I can truly put things to rest and wear this memorabilia with a full heart.

Front view showing the details of the fingerprint

Back view custom engraving: "Forever My Por Por"
plus a serial number I believe

My Por Por during our last Chinese New Year,
enjoying her favorite chrysanthemum tea before dinner!

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