Tuesday, October 28, 2014

One Lovely Blog Award

One Lovely Blog Award
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Good news!  Few days ago, this blog was nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by the gracious +Emily Eairheart of Pumpkin Emily Smiles.  Thanks so much Emily, you're a gem!

So what now?  I think the purpose of this award is not only to recognize blogs we admire, but also to generate exposure and build a following.  Apparently, this is done so by adhering to a set of award rules (listed below).  In the end, it comes down to paying this honor forward!
  1. Thank the lovely person who nominated your blog
    and follow them, preferably on Bloglovin'!
  2. Display the award and add this set of rules to your post
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  3. Nominate 15 other lovely blogs, listing them in your post
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  4. List 7 interesting facts about yourself to the post,
    hopefully something not yet mentioned in your blog.
Here are 15 of the loveliest blogs, in no particular ranking:

Here are the 7 tidbits about yours truly!
  1. Sanny says, "No detail is too small to regard as insignificant."
    This is my motto in everything I see, smell, hear, taste, feel and DO!
  2. I was born in Hong Kong, raised in San Francisco, and left my heart in London.
    My family immigrated to the U.S. in 1991, before Hong Kong was returned to China in 1997.  My two younger siblings and I grew up in the SF Peninsula, which may have attributed to my love for cold weather and rain!  Even before I first visited England in December 2011, I already knew I loved London; from its architecture, culture, landscape, palaces, shopping, tea salons to their formality and the way they celebrate Christmas!  It is the only place outside of San Francisco which always feels like home to me.
  3. I am a self-taught HTML, CSS, PhotoShop, and website design perfectionist.
    It started out as a hobby during summer break back in middle school.  I learned the basics from Lissa Explains It All, a website for kids filled with resource and tutorial on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.  As for the JavaScript part, I usually referenced Dynamic Drive.  To this day, I like to see the source, so I code everything by hand.  Coding to me is like a puzzle, putting together a bigger picture.  However, each "puzzle piece" or code is very specific and there are no room for margin of errors when you hand-code, or else the whole thing fails to work.  I suppose this is truly where I learned to be particular about things, specifically my work and anything I create or design.  I like to consider myself equal parts techie and makeup artist; I know as much about coding as I do about putting on makeup - the work speaks for itself!
  4. I have been a Titanic fan ever since I was a kid.
    Since reading about RMS Titanic in a textbook in elementary school, I have been fascinated by its early 1900's grandeur, legacy, mystery, and tragic story.  Before James Cameron's epic 1997 film, all that there were about the Titanic were either written works or documentaries.  Then Leo and Kate's magical performance as Jack and Rose brought the Titanic to life on the big screen.  Needless to say, it instantly became my favorite movie as a teenager.  My parents even bought me the VHS - remember those? Then... some time last year, I came across an online news article that even I didn't fully believe at first: Australian self-made billionaire, Professor Clive Palmer who is known for his big ideas, is going to give back to the world what it lost over 100 years ago - Titanic II!  Imagine my excitement when I realized that we (as in the modern world) would have a chance to sail on the world's most famous and opulent ship - thought to be lost forever, until now.  There would be no greater dream-come-true!  My only fear, perhaps two, is obviously how much I would need to save up, and with global exposure and anticipation, I fear the demand for cabins would exceed its supply.
  5. Things I consume myself with: floral arrangement, event planning, coding, and tea!
    I can easily say these are my hobbies, my favorite pastimes - things I love to do and could spend hours on.
    • My mum and I both love flowers: her growing them; me cultivating and putting them in pretty arrangements.  This could be cut flowers or plants, to give and keep.
    • When it comes to organizing a celebration, themed party, or get-together of close friends, I tend to go all-out from custom invitations I create and deliver, fancy table settings, to importing elderflower cordials from the UK.  Simply put, planning a special event is not a task I take lightly.  See the Birthday Soirées post from April.
    • As I mentioned above about hand-coding HTML/CSS for web design, you can say this is the nerdy part of me, but this is something I truly enjoy doing.  Time passes by really fast when I am working on a web project or when I am trying to fix a bug.
    • For those who know me well enough, they know that I am a tea fanatic - British tea, to be exact.  Almost every two years, I bring back a suitcase full of Fortnum & Mason tins, enough to last me two years or until my next trip to London!  Needless to say, I am also an English afternoon tea addict.  There are several afternoon tea rooms in San Francisco I frequent and enjoy, but I cannot help but to imagine what I would do differently, perhaps better, if I had my own tea salon.  Until that day comes, I will be doing more market research!
  6. If I could learn 2 recreational talents, it would be the piano and flying a private jet.
    The grand piano is my favorite instrument of all time, and has been ever since I was taking lessons in Hong Kong. I have forgotten much of the skill, but if I had the time and the right tutor, I would love to play again. As for a pilot's license, I think that would be the ultimate license to have; there would be no greater feeling of freedom, plus in case of emergencies, right?
  7. It is not DONE until it is PERFECT
    When I went visit my cousin at Facebook headquarters last year, there were quotes all over the IT department's walls. A pair of quotes in particular stood out me:
    Done is better than perfect; Perfect is better than done.
    Although I really liked the quote, it did not feel quite complete. Then I had a eureka moment and realized because to me, nothing is DONE until it is PERFECT - now that too, has become my motto!
By the way...
Going back to "paying it forward," I noticed several other images online for this award, which were created by various bloggers.  Seeing that I am to pay this honor forward to others, I decided to design my own lovely badge for my nominees (and myself) to display. So nominees, please feel free to use the badge above by copying and pasting the code, or by saving the image itself. Cheers!